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Tactics for the Good Guys with Robert X. Johnson

Tactics for the Good Guys –

Robert X. Johnson – Thursday Nov 12,  7pm to 9 pm Eastern (6-8PM CT) Live TONITE on

Join us on Thursday Nov 12 as Robert X Johnson explores the concepts of doing politics on the practical Grassroots level.

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Robert has been Politically active since 1988…

  • Operating inside the Texas Republican Party.
  • Candidate for Texas State Representative in 1992
  • Professional Registered Parliamentarian since 1993
  • State Parliamentarian for Republican Party of Texas in 1995
  • Candidate for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas in 1996
  • Generally active in the Texas primary convention process since 1988 to present
  • State Parliamentarian and Convention Chairman in 2009 for the Texas Liberty Campaign (TLC)

TLC is a new Texas organization springing from, but independent of, the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign.

Political goal is…

to restore our Republic and the pursuit of wisdom via the deliberative assembly.

Political strategy is…

a bottom up PLAN, capitalizing on the inherent power of freedom of assembly.

Political Rules of Engagement…

“don’t turn to the dark side” to achieve your ends.

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Thursday Nov 12 at 7 PM to 9 PM Eastern (6-8 PM Central)

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