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Restore Our Republic 2012: The Most Dangerous Political Strategy Ever

Restore Our Republic 2012

What is Restore Our Republic 2012?  It is designed to be a comprehensive political strategy, deeply rooted in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Political tactics are based on Sun Tzu’s Art Of War. Activists involved agree to adhere to a strict moral code and the rule of law.

[Editor’s note:  This article is written by Phil Pepin, President of Bexar Republican Freedom Coalition (San Antonio, Texas).  It is based on the concept developed by Robert X. Johnson though his years of experience as a Parliamentarian and political strategist.]

In a previous article  “Why Elections ,The Tea Party and Activism will fail to save the Republic,  the root cause identified for the failure of  reform efforts is a corrupt political system. That corruption is caused by people who lust for power and are willing to use immoral tactics to obtain and keep  power.  Immoral people have a unifying plan motivated by their lust for power. Moral people must have a unifying plan as well but based on moral principals with the  goal of seeking wisdom not power.  The plan is a political strategy entitled Restore Our Republic 2012 .

This strategy is a narrowly focused concept targeting corruption of the political system. It includes party rule changes that will hold candidates accountable with the force of  Law.  I will go into more detail about the power of political  parties and the supremacy of party rules over state law later in this article.  The political activist who developed this strategy is an expert parliamentarian who through experience and observation has identified the key factors necessary for the successful reformation of the system.  It is important to understand that this is a political war for the very existence of our Republic. Measures called for in the this strategy are not superficial but deep structural changes with the goal of opening up the process to be fair thereby making efforts for reforming our government attainable.

Key Factors Summary:

  • Unity
  • The Controllable & Uncontrollable
  • Philosophy Is Everything
  • Discipline


Without unity no plan for reform will ever succeed. Tyrants who lust for power have long ago learned  tactics for dividing their opposition. There are key factors that lead to division among moral people trying to change the system. It’s important to recognize what divides and take steps to avoid it.

Issues: People have strong  feelings about issues they believe in. That passion is both necessary and destructive.  It’s a necessary motivator to get things done but is also manipulated by tyrants to divide and conquer. Project 2012 as stated above is narrowly focused on eliminating the corrupted process. Issues other then the goals stated in the plan are irrelevant to eliminating corruption and must be set aside so that diverse groups can come together under a unifying plan.  This is not going to be easy it will require a change in behavior.

Heroes & Cult of Personality:  You don’t have to look far before you see plenty of people seeking a hero to come rescue America. Recently to some, Sarah Palin has emerged as an energetic leader of modern Conservatism. To her opponents, she is shallow and lacks understanding of complicated issues. To a growing number of people, Congressman Ron Paul is a hero for his fidelity to the Constitution. To others he’s an eccentric obstructionist. President Obama has taken political hero worship to new heights. Not surprisingly,  America is becoming even more polarized  because of the deep divides on issues between his followers and his opponents.

Leaders of a movement are a natural part of the political process. It becomes a problem when people looking for a hero use it as an excuse to not take action, or their focus is only on the success of their hero. We have to recognize that the political system even corrupted is still republican in it’s structure. Simply sending a handful of honest politicians will not accomplish any meaningful reform without a clear majority. Even with a majority, if they are not unified and prepared to remove the unconstitutional concentrations of power their efforts will likely fail. The republican form of governance can be used to protect freedom but it also can be used to bring about tyranny. The most recent example was Nazi Germany.

Time is the enemy of unity because political activism is a thankless hard job that does not pay a dime. Asking people to devote the effort necessary can only feasibly be maintained for a limited amount of time. Project 2012 major reforms are designed to only take one to two election cycles for a total of 4 years max, to bring about major reform. The creator of the concept recognized after years of observation that political movements like Ross Perot’s followers in the late 80’s and the modern Tea Party are living on borrowed time. The Tea Party is already showing signs of disunity (if there was ever much) as there is a battle over the philosophical direction it will go in.

2. The Controllable & Uncontrollable

The concept behind Project 2012 will work equally well in both major political parties. For simplicity and because of my experience and that of the creator of the concept, the focus of the rest of the article will be about the Republican Party. It’s critical to understand that reforms can only take place from inside the system. Attempts to reform from outside the political system exclusively have had only extremely limited success; in reality nothing fundamental has been accomplished.

The next enemy of reform efforts is people trying to change things they have no control over and ignore the things they can control. The cold hard reality is those who lust for power have perverted the process creating a two political party monopoly. The combination of skewed election laws supported by the judicial system, and mainstream media bias has created an impossible hurdle for third parties to overcome. Even now with both major political parties having historically low membership and polling numbers, there is no evidence that a massive enough realignment has occurred towards any third party to achieve electability. We are at least a decade away from that happening and time is our enemy. Independents for the most part swing back and forth between the two major parties.

We must remind ourselves that a republican form of governance is all about numbers, getting a majority and just as important, a united majority. It’s also critical to realize that a political party is a system, it’s neither good nor evil. It’s the people who determine moral direction; change the people and you change the party and eventually you change the country. In a moral republican form of governance you have a right to try to win but you don’t have a right to win. When you believe you have a right to win you have crossed over to the dark side and you will use immoral means to accomplish your goals. Clearly immoral people have rigged the system to create the two party monopoly but they are human and all humans are fallible. It’s the monopoly itself that is ultimately it’s weakness. In any battle be it political or physical, a weakness must be exploited to achieve victory. Meaningful reform has failed repeatedly because people have not recognized they have put all their focus on things they have no control over. Tea Parties, marches and rallies in Washington DC, confrontations at town hall meetings – all are important and worthy efforts but without the inside political approach, they will ultimately fail to reform the system.

Corrupt politicians have the very powerful shield of government and mainstream media on the their side protecting the status quo. Elections have minimal effect because the core of the system is corrupt. Career politicians are the enemy of reform. With only extraordinarily rare exceptions, incumbency breeds corruption. Project 2012 has as a high priority term limits to be imposed on all politicians both state and federal who run as Republicans. Term limits must be imposed from within the political party. The courts have struck down attempts by State Governments to impose term limits. Unless all 50 states do it simultaneously it’s hard to imagine the courts will allow term limits because it is not applied equally. It’s out of our control to make that happen through State Government, however, not through the political party system. It’s not only possible the numbers needed are amazingly small.

The critical difference that makes this possible is when a political party applies term limits it has a right to protect it’s political philosophy and essentially it’s a private entity not government. A state party rule could be passed that demands politicians that run as Republicans, must adhere to term limits or they will not be allowed to run as a Republican. Party crossovers are rare and success is marginal at best. Thanks to the two party monopoly running successfully as an independent is even less likely. Abraham Lincoln was forced to abide by the “rotation rule” imposed on all members of the Whig Party and only served one term in congress.

3. Philosophy Is Everything

The Republican Party has a platform that states it’s overall political philosophy. It’s the disconnect between the way politicians govern once elected and the philosophy of the Republican Party that has been a source of great frustration and is one of the most serious forms of corruption. Basically its using deception to get elected. Once elected, incumbents are hard to remove. One recent example is the nomination of John McCain in his bid for reelection. as Senator. Even though he had a very serious challenger in the 2010 Primary he still won. Philosophy is everything; it’s what guides every decision and without knowing what a candidate’s true philosophy is, it’s impossible to make an informed decision. A party rule could be passed that requires all Republican Candidates to express their position on the planks of the State Republican Platform in writing and signed as an official document. If they don’t comply they cannot run as a Republican. It’s not ethical to demand that a candidate must support every plank – I don’t agree with some of the planks. It is however ethical and I believe critically important to determine their stands on the planks. If they lied and govern differently then what they claimed, the signed document can be used as evidence to strip the offending politician of their party affiliation. Once again the two party monopoly is turned on the immoral politicians.

4. Discipline

Immoral people impose strict discipline upon their ranks to insure unity. Moral people will not respond to that type of approach; the discipline must primarily be internal. However there are tools that can help maintain discipline. Signing an agreement to adhere to the principals of Project 2012 can be very helpful. The agreement is not legally binding but is a moral pledge. It would be similar to a pledge a person gives when entering the military or that of an elected official.

The McClellan Syndrome: A term to describe someone who is always preparing, but never acts upon that preparation. This can happen to all of us. There are those who advocate we must spend years educating the public on issues . I agree that is an essential part of reform, however there is a danger that all that happens is we have increasing numbers of well informed slaves. One only needs to take a casual look at the break neck speed at which government control is expanding.

The Supremacy Of Party Rules Over State Law

The rights of political parties flow primarily from two constitutional sources: the right of association protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments, and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The right to associate is a penumbral right not expressly granted by the Constitution, but implied through the First Amendment rights to speech, petition and assembly.

Here is a small sample of court cases that have constantly held that political party rules dealing with the internal workings of the party have supremacy over state law and state agencies. It’s very important to stress that these samples are not an endorsement of those rules but a look at how the court supports the rights of a political party to protect it’s philosophy. That philosophy is expressed every two years though the platform and party rules. If you don’t like the platform you can work together to change it.

California: Democratic Party v. Jones

Case in which the United States Supreme Court held that California’s blanket primary violates a political party’s First Amendment freedom of association.

In 1996, Proposition 198 changed the State’s partisan primary from a closed primary, in which only a political party’s members can vote on its nominees, to a blanket primary, in which each voter’s ballot lists every candidate regardless of party affiliation and allows the voter to choose freely among them. The candidate of each party who wins the most votes is that party’s nominee for the general election. Source:

Texas: The Republican Party of Texas v. Dietz

In April 1996, The Log Cabin Republicans of Texas applied for an exhibitor’s booth at the 1996 Republican Party of Texas Convention which began on June 20. As part of the booth application, LCR agreed to abide by the rules and regulations issued by the Republican Party of Texas for the convention. One of these rules allowed the Republican Party “the right to restrict exhibits which, because of undue noise, method of operation, material, content, or any other reason, become objectionable”. Because the Republican Party’s conduct in denying LCR a booth and advertisement at the convention is an internal party affair rather than an integral part of the election process, the Republican Party is not a state actor under the undisputed facts of this case. Therefore, LCR cannot maintain its state constitutional claims against the Party, and the district court abused its discretion in issuing an injunction based on these claims. Source:

TExas: Kucinich 2008 v. Texas Democratic Party

On December 28, 2007, Dennis Kucinich, a candidate for President, submitted an application to TDP to be placed on the March 4, 2008, primary ballot. Under Texas law, subject to minimal restraints, political parties are exclusively permitted to adopt rules that govern the placement of their candidates on the presidential primary ballot. The Rules of the Texas Democratic Party, which are adopted at the state convention every two years, require each presidential candidate to execute a party loyalty oath. On his signed ballot application, however, Kucinich crossed out the portion of the oath that required him to “swear that I will fully support the Democratic nominee for President whoever that shall be.” On January 2, 2008, TDP informed Kucinich that his candidacy would not be certified to the Texas Secretary of State for the presidential primary ballot unless he re-signed the application with the full oath. Kucinich responded that he would only support a nominee who would not employ war as an instrument of foreign policy. Conclusion: This court need not judge the wisdom or utility of the TDP oath requirement. We do affirm, for the foregoing reasons, that it does not violate the Constitution. Source:

Ultimate Goals Of Restore Our Republic 2012

What are the Goals of Restore Our Republic 2012?  We will work to break up power concentrations, from the precinct all the way to Washington DC, establish self-determination rules, term limits, and parliamentary principles. We will target influence advantages, expose graft and corruption mechanisms. The combination of the Seniority System, Gerrymandering , 17th Amendment, and the 1911 law limiting Representation, has created the conditions for a chronic cycle of corruption.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…excerpt from the Declaration of Independence

Seniority System In Congress

The effect of the seniority system on the Federal Government can be explained by three facts: 1) most of the real work in Congress is done in and by committees; 2) the chairmen of these committees have vast, often dictatorial influence over the legislation that falls within their realms; 3) with almost no exceptions, these chairmen have gained their exalted positions for the simple reason that they have been on their committees longer than anyone else in the majority party, which, of course, always controls the committees. The seniority rule thus gives the U.S. the peculiar distinction of having the only legislative gerontocracy on the globe.” Gerald Clarke Time Magazine Dec 4 1970


Tactic to divide territory into election districts giving one political party an electoral majority in a large number of districts while concentrating the voting strength of the opposition in as few districts as possible.

1911 Law Limiting House Of Representative Size

In 1911 the number of Representatives was limited to 435. Because of that law congressional districts have exploded in population to over 700,000 . It’s far easier to have special interest control a fewer amount of Representatives. With the combination of gerrymandering, a Congressional District encompasses large areas that have no geographical ties to each other. For example District 23 in Texas, starts in San Antonio and meanders all the way up to El Paso. The candidates spend most of their time in the densely populated areas and little in the towns of West Texas. Increased representation means “We The People” will be able to hold a politician accountable far easier then is possible now. People in smaller communities will have the representation they are entitled to.

17th Amendment

“In the original design by the Framers of the U.S. Constitution, there was an effective check on Congress through the state legislatures’ power to appoint (and remove) United States Senators.

As such, the core of the problem with state’s rights issues lies in the passage of the 17th Amendment in 1913, which abrogated the state legislatures’ right to appoint United States Senators in favor of popular election of those officials. This amendment created a fundamental structural problem which, irrespective of the political party in office, or the laws in effect at any one time, will result, over time, in expanding federal control in every area.The 17th Amendment caused a failure in the federalist structure, federal deficit spending, inappropriate federal mandates, and federal control over a number of state institutions.”

Source: October 23, 2000 by John MacMullin, Ludwig von Mises Institute

Political Tactics

The most powerful political position in the country is the Precinct Chair.

“It does not take a majority to prevail.. but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” Samuel Adams

Project 2012 is the ultimate grassroots concept because it must start at the precinct level.  Those committed to the Project should seek to fill any vacant Precinct Chairman seats.  The County Executive has the authority to fill any vacant seats. If the position is occupied build a relationship with the current Chairman and let them know your desire to be a state delegate. It’s important to find out who is like minded in your neighborhood and show up together at your Precinct Convention at the close of the polls during the 2012 primary. Networking with other people that comprise the members of your Senatorial District is important.  That’s the next step in the process towards the state convention.

Learn The Rules Commit to Training

A big part of Project 2012 is to conduct training to get people prepared to assert their rights in the Republican Party.  It will include training on how to guide important resolutions through the process.  Critical to the success is to have both offensive and defensive tactics and being prepared for enacting the critical rule changes at the state convention.

Project 2012 Patriots

The project is being planned two years in advance of the next state convention because the most important element is “We The People”.  It is going to take time to promote  the plan and recruit people. In Texas we have determined that the number of delegates needed to be able to achieve victory at the state convention is 3000 committed patriots. They must be willing to stand up to the attacks and will pledge to fulfill the goals of Restore Our Republic 2012.  I’m not going to sugarcoat how hard it will be, stiff opposition is a certainty.  Those who lust for power will do anything to keep it.  Expect to be lied about, and lied to, back-stabbed and a whole host of dirty tricks.  The people who have perverted the political process count on people to give up.  The Republican Party does not belong to them – it is open to anyone who will abide by it’s just rules and are willing to participate.

Project 2012 Candidates

Electing candidates committed to the ultimate goals of Project 2012 is the other half of the concept. Like the 2012 Patriots, it is important to recruit candidates who will commit to breaking up the concentrations of power. They must pledge to make every effort to achieve the reforms discussed in this article.

Project 2012 Leaders

In order for political tactics to have maximum effectiveness a coordinated effort must be planned . This will require experienced activists to assume leadership roles in promotion, training and  executing the political tactics.  The role of “Commanding General” who behind the scenes develops strategies is ideally filled by an experienced parliamentarian. Leaders of political organizations ,  pastors or other people experienced with public relations are good candidates for the “Battlefield General” who promotes and executes the plan.

Much of the background for this project comes from the work of Robert X. Johnson through the years.  He is a registered parliamentarian and resides in Texas.  You can hear him talk about Tactics for the Good Guys (video format) regarding parliamentary procedure and power properly used and properly applied for the protection of all people.

There will be a database of support information made available for those interested in being Project 2012 Leaders.  For more information and to get involved with this effort please contact:   Phil Pepin via email:  bexarrfc[at]yahoo[dot]com

Phil Pepin  is a constitutionalist,  who has been a political activist for over 18 years.  His experience includes coordinating major fundraisers for candidates and producing political radio ads.  On April 15 2009,  Phil was a guest speaker at the  nationally televised San Antonio Tea Party  held in front of the Alamo. “War On Economic Freedom”


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