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Celebrating Life and Mourning Roe v Wade

Personhood seems to be the watchword this year as we move closer to restoring sanity to our land and recognizing the tiniest and the weakest among us as people too!  A recent  Christian Newswire Release headlines “Personhood USA Announces Coast-to-Coast Personhood for 2010 Roe vs. Wade Memorial” in conjunction with the American Life League. The press release tells of memorials planned across the country.

Here is just one of the events planned this year with some sample flyers.  This one is in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday January 22nd.


“A prayerful, peaceful local Pro-Life March and rally on Friday Evening, January 22, 2010, We march in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands who march in Washington, D.C. each year and we march to add our own witness and voice to Pro-Life Majority in America. We are Catholics, Orthodox, Lutherans, Baptists and Evangelicals. We will not go away; we will not be silent; and we will not quit until every life is safe from conception until natural death.” (its interdenominational)

“The opposition to abortion is rooted in our human nature. We hold a common belief that every life from conception to natural death should be protected. On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, January 22nd, we will march through downtown Tulsa to be witnesses and take a stand against the growing culture of death in our country! “

Contact: Kelly Fuchik
918 812 8597

Please do whatever you are personally able to do to stop the shedding of innocent blood in our land! Special thanks to Micah Stubbs for the links and information and graphics for this post.

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